Choosing To Work With the Right Attorney

Important Considerations About Bankruptcy You Need To Know Before Filing

Filing bankruptcy can be a frightening and overwhelming experience, even more so if you do not have a lawyer with the expertise and qualifications necessary to make the process easier for you. Before you make a final choice about bankruptcy, stopping to consider a few factors surrounding your choice is a good idea. Learn more about some of the most important considerations about filing bankruptcy. Is Chapter 7 Or Chapter 13 Best For Your Financial Circumstances? Read More 

Three Debt Relief Options To Help Reduce Financial Stress

The economy is still struggling, and many Americans are also finding themselves struggling to pay bills. It is never a good idea to just throw in the towel and stop paying bills when you find yourself underwater. There are many options for debt relief for consumers; the following ar the three most popular methods.  Debt Consolidation Loan The first and easiest option is to obtain a debt consolidation loan. Your bank or credit union may offer these products, or you can shop around with other lenders. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Skateboarding Accident Lawsuits

You or someone you love has just suffered from a skateboarding accident caused by another person's neglect. Whether you were struck by a vehicle or your board fell apart during a trick, you are likely entitled to some form of legal gratification. Here's what you need to know about these types of personal injury cases. Lawsuit Liability Varies Liability in these suits vary depending on the circumstance of the injury. For example, one case in West Virginia found a family suing their school after their child was injured while playing unsupervised on a skateboard. Read More 

Can You Fight A Wage Garnishment?

A wage garnishment order can be approved by the court for a number of reasons, including to collect back child support. Unfortunately, the garnishment can have a significant impact on your finances and lead to difficulties in paying your bills. If a judge approved a wage garnishment order against you, here are two ways you can fight it.  File for Bankruptcy Filing for bankruptcy might seem like an extreme measure, but there are many advantages to doing so. Read More 

Understanding How A Bankruptcy Can Affect Your Wage Garnishments

Many people believe that filing for bankruptcy will also eliminate their court ordered wage garnishments. If you're filing specifically for that reason, you need to stop and reconsider. If you're filing, and your debts include wage garnishments, then you need to understand how bankruptcy will affect those garnishments. Different Rules for Different Types of Garnishments What type of garnishment do you have attached to your wages? Generally, a court can award a judgement for various things, and order a garnishment. Read More